« Les Mouvements Zéro » aims to educate people about waste and transition as well as to share and generalise eco-responsible practices and behaviours

The initiative « Les Mouvements Zéro » was founded in July 2015 by Justine Davasse in Orléans. First a radio show, it soon became more than this: a blog, a bunch of sustainable events, workshops to learn the zero waste and some conferences in private companies. There is so many initiatives for a better world, they just need to be discovered and shared!

At the moment, Justine Davasse is in Finland. Throughout her radio show, her website and social media, she wishes to make people more aware of the eco-friendly actions that Finns put in place in their everyday lives. She will lives in a farm that is almost autonomous in food and energy, and will travel around the country to meet zero waste influencers, plastic manufacturers (production and recycling), as well as innovative local companies.

If you wish us to work together, please contact me on my email adress lesmouvementszero@gmail.com or with the following form:

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