Being sustainable is for everyone

Good initiatives which contribute to a better world exist. And there is so many. They only need to be discovered and shared! « Les Mouvements Zéro » was founded in July 2015 by Justine Davasse in Orléans (France) with this purpose.

Environmentally friendly content

First a radio show, « Les Mouvements Zéro » kept growing to become more: a blog, a bunch of sustainable events, workshops to learn about zero waste lifestyle and some conferences (for private companies or public event). The goal is to bring knowledge to the people and to highlight that change is possible (and required) in business, in politics and within consumption.

Les Mouvements Zéro ?

It doesn’t mean zero mouvement… quite the opposite actually. The zero goes for the origin of a movement that is plural and constantly improving and renewing itself. It’s an holistic approach to ecological questions.

Share in English

All the conferences and workshops about zero waste, sustainable travel and eco-anxiety are available in English given with a French/British/Finnish kind of accent!

The Season 2 of the podcast and all the caption from instagram picture are bilingual French-English.

Travelling for good

Between July 2018 and January 2019, Justine Davasse travelled Northem (Finland, Sweden, Norway) and Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). Throughout her podcast, her website and social media, she worked to make people more aware of the eco-friendly actions that she found along the way. After an experience in an organic and autonomous farm in Finland, she travel other countries to meet zero waste influencers and share their everyday life, plastic manufacturers (production and recycling), as well as innovative local companies.

Finland: Varpaisjärvi, Lapinlahti, Helsinki, Kuopio, Oulu, Toholampi, Jalasjärvi, Tampere, Turku (city and archipelago), Vaasa

Sweden: Umea, Göteborg, Lund, Malmö

Norway: Narvik, Tromso, Bergen, Oslo

Latvia: Riga

Lithuania: Vilnuis

Estonia: Saaremaa, Tallinn


A book… at last!

In September 2020 Justine Davasse’s first book was released (Tana, her editor, is the first French ecological editions). In nine chapters, she goes through to define the ecological transition, demolish the common preconceptions, gives some advices on what to do personnaly, collectively and politically. You’ll find some French and abroad inspiration on the good things happening out there. Themes to be find : zero waste, health, plastics, sustainable diet, economyn energy, durable electronics, sustainable travel, politics.

If you wish to work with Justine Davasse, please contact her by email or with the following form:

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